Логотип Арт-город

Raspopov Viktor

The artist Viktor Raspopov was born in 1948 in the city of Gulkevichi, Krasnodar Krai. I have been drawing since childhood, and decided to become an artist, which, you will agree, is not an ordinary solution for a villager. For him it is necessary to have a very strong internal impulse. But the teachers of the famous “Fly” appreciated the abilities of the provincial, and accepted Victor as a student.

After graduation, Raspopov lived, like Marc Chagall, in Vitebsk. He worked and exhibited a lot there. There are his works in the city museum.

Member of the Union of Artists. Lives and works in St. Petersburg. Now he is already an established master, the audience freezes in amazement before his paintings, exquisite in form and philosophical in content. There is a lot of water on his canvases, which he depicts exclusively. It seems that the water is about to pour over the frame. Water for the artist, a symbol of life. But life is impossible without air, which is also a lot in Raspopov’s paintings.

The works of Viktor Raspopov are a transformation of his and our dreams, or a projection of reality in the subtle world. Everything is recognizable, understandable, but this does not happen … Here the ship turns out to be in the middle of the street, and it seems normal. Bridges, cathedrals, sculptures, as if caught up in a whirlwind, but froze for a second so that the audience had time to look and remember. Indeed, it is memorable. Raspopov’s paintings are very energetic. They attract the eye, and make you stop, think, look more closely, and, leaving, look back again.

Viktor Raspopov’s paintings are not geographically linked, although he often paints landscapes of St. Petersburg. It is recognized by the bell tower, then by the bridge, but this is not a real city, but an artist’s vision. Such a city can be everywhere. That is why the artist’s work is well perceived in foreign borders.

Viktor Raspopov worked by invitation in different countries. His paintings are in private collections in Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Indonesia, USA, Italy.