Логотип Арт-город

Shraga Vyacheslav

1953 – 2011

Born in Mariupol, Ukraine. In 1972 he graduated from the Krasnodar Art College. Since 1974, he has lived and worked in Leningrad, St. Petersburg. Member of the Union of Creative Figures of St. Petersburg. Since 1980 he has been in charge of the school-studio “Contrast”. This activity is marked by state awards: the Jubilee Medal from the President of Russia and the Governor of St. Petersburg for the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. The title of laureate in the All-Russian festival “Folk Art of Russia”. The winner of the contest “The best director among art studios and schools”. Diploma and “Crystal Ball”. The title of “Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation”.

The artist’s paintings are in many museums and private collections around the world. Almost all the paintings and graphic works presented on the site are owned by the artist’s family.

”Every person’s life is a unique phenomenon, short as a flash of light, during which a person learns about the world, its eternal values. My life is no exception, and it is she who is the occasion and theme of my creativity. The further my childhood and youth go away from me, the more the haze of nostalgia veils them, the greater the desire to return them and leave them forever, turning them into an object of art…” Vyacheslav Shraga