Логотип Арт-город

Volosov Vladimir

Vladimir Volosov was born on March 28, 1937 in Leningrad in the family of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor David Samuilovich Volosov, a well-known specialist in the field of calculation and design of optical and photographic systems.

In 1960 he graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute named after V. I. Lenin.

In 1960-1990 he worked at the S. I. Vavilov State Optical Institute (GOI) in Leningrad, having worked his way up from engineer to chief researcher. In 1964-1968 — postgraduate student of GOI.

In 1969 he defended his PhD thesis.

In 1978, he made a report on his works at the XXXI annual readings named after Academician D. S. Rozhdestvensky.

In 1980 he defended his doctoral dissertation. Member of the Dissertation Council of the GOI for the defense of candidate dissertations in the specialty 01.04.05 “optics” (physical, mathematical and technical sciences).

In 1984, in collaboration with scientists from other research teams in Moscow, Kiev, Gorky and Vilnius, V. D. Volosov was awarded the USSR State Prize for a series of works “Highly efficient nonlinear frequency conversion in crystals and the creation of tunable coherent optical radiation sources” (1963-1982).

In 1986-1991, Professor of the Department of Quantum Electronics of the M. I. Kalinin LPI. The author of a textbook for students, has prepared three candidates of sciences.

He was fond of drawing since childhood, but professionally took up painting in the late 1980s. He calls his author’s style “lyrical realism”. In 1990, he decided to leave science and devoted himself entirely to artistic creativity.

Participant of more than 30 Russian and international exhibitions. Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia. Since 2011, he has been living in the USA. Engaged in painting.

Solo exhibitions

1989 — House of Scientists, Leningrad

1991 — “Spring Salon”, Lenexpo, Leningrad

1991 — Charity telethon “Renaissance”, LENEXPO, Leningrad

1992 — Gordon-30 Gallery, Tel Aviv

1993 — Museum of the History of the City, Volkhov

1993 — Russian Gallery, Helsinki

1994 — IBM Corporation, Leningrad

1994 — Series of traveling exhibitions “Two worlds — one culture”, Berlin

1995 — “Summer Garden”, St. Petersburg

1995 — Russian-German Cultural Center, St. Petersburg

1996 — Karjalan Portti Gallery, Imatra, Finland

1996 — Kunst Galerie Gallery, Bochum, Germany

1996 — Smolny City Hall, Saint Petersburg

1997 — Artists’ Shop, Saint Petersburg

1998 — Grand Hotel “Europe”, St. Petersburg

1999 — Soyuzhudexport Gallery. Moscow

2000 — MAI-ART Gallery, Lappeenranta (Finland)

2001 — Art City Gallery, Saint Petersburg

2002 — Book World Gallery, Boston (USA)

2002 — Coffee Break Art Cafe, St. Petersburg

2003 — International Business Center”, St. Petersburg

2004 — Art basement “Stray Dog”, St. Petersburg

2004 — Art City Gallery, Saint Petersburg

2005 — I. I. Brodsky’s Apartment Museum, St. Petersburg

2008 — House of Scientists, Saint Petersburg

2009 — Art cafe “Coffee Break”, St. Petersburg

2012 — Newton Open Studio, Boston, USA

2013 — Art Center, Mancheter –on-the-See, USA

2014 — Touch Gallery, Boston, USA

Participation in collective exhibitions

1991 — Exhibition “In a dream and in reality”, St. Petersburg State University, Leningrad

1991 — “Spring Salon”, LENEXPO, Leningrad

1993 — WAAHNA PIETARI Gallery, Helsinki

1994 — Series of exhibitions “Two worlds – one culture”, Berlin

1998 — Art Service Gallery, Moscow

1999 — Soyuzhudexport Gallery. Moscow

2004, 2005 — “ARTINDEX, The Art of St. Petersburg”

2007 — “Let’s go beyond the edges” (Locri, Italy); Ethnographic Museum, St. Petersburg

2010, 2011 – New York Realism Fine Art (ASA Art Gallery) Broadway New York (2 Gold Medals)


1976 – Silver medal of VDNH

1984 – USSR State Prize in Science

1986 — medal “Veteran of Labor”

2010 – special prize of the Moscow international competition “Art Preview 2010”

2010 – Gold medal at the international exhibition “Contemporary Impressionism”, New York

2010 – Gold Medal at the international exhibition “Life & Environment”, New York